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Sovereign’s training facilities are in the heart of Westminster….

We have brought together some of the UK’s leading figures from public life, business and academia to provide our clients with intensive bespoke training programmes focusing on key areas to help organisations to develop to their full potential.
Prof. Tony Dickson Head of Sovereign Training

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Negotiating Strategies
02 August 2014

Sovereign training academy announces new training module on Negotiating strategies.


@SovereignPA - 28 Mar | #MedsThatLie @Pauline_Latham Latham MP, @WHO, @HarvardGH Harvard and @BrazzaFound Foundation launched conference on……
@SovereignPA - 13 Mar | We are honoured to have been part of @HashimThaciRKS first booklaunch @RICSnews today

About Sovereign Training

Whether it is business, politics or communication between the two, the principles of effective leadership and management are fundamentally the same.

Sovereign has consistently worked closely with the leaderships of our major clients to help them effect change in their trading environments.

We have brought together some of the UK’s leading figures from public life, business and academia to provide our clients with intensive bespoke training programmes focusing on key areas to help organisations to develop to their full potential.



Training in the heart of London – one of the World’s finest cities

Our courses are based in Sovereign’s facility in Victoria Street, within a few minutes walk of the Palaces of Westminster and the magnificent Westminster Abbey. It’s a busy and vibrant part of London with easy access to the theatres, shops, dozens of international restaurants and some of London’s fabulous tourist attractions.  You can walk across St James Park, through Horse Guards Parade to Trafalgar Square or wander down the Mall to Buckingham Palace in less than fifteen minutes.

Some of our courses include tours of the Houses of Parliament through Central Lobby and, if the parliamentary timetable permits, into the Chamber itself.  You may meet Members of Parliament and their staff who will tell you about how the Parliament works and how it interacts with the outside world as well as describing the century long traditions that symbolise British democracy.

Sovereign’s wide network of contacts across business, the media and higher education means that we are able to offer not only a wide range but the very best tutors that London has to offer. 


Building Strategic Partnerships

The aim of the course is to understand how you can build and maintain strategic partnerships to improve your business prospects. It will provide you with the tools to be able to make informed choices as to which alliance is best for you, how to develop and manage the relationships in the interests of all parties.

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Five day course in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Stakeholder Engagement

The aim of this course is to enable you to better understand your Corporate Responsibility gaps whilst deriving maximum business and brand benefits. It will help you learn about best practices and how to deliver and communicate your CSR strategy. The course will give you an insight into the ‘rules of engagement’ between large companies and organisations and their stakeholders across the world.

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Five day course in Creative Leadership

This course will help business professionals hone their management skills and to stimulate their team members to find innovative ways to achieve greater efficiency and better results.

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Five day course in Media Training

This course will enable fast-track professionals to ensure that interaction with the media serves their own business objectives. Participants will become familiar with the current practices of the mainstream western media and to understand the ‘rules of engagement’ between large companies and organisations and their stakeholders in the UK and Europe.

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Five day course in Negotiating Strategy

This course will enable delegates to get the best out of any negotiations whether it is with a client, a service provider, another part of your organisation or a member of your own team, the key to a successful negotiation strategy is to identify win win solutions.

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West meets East

Adapting business models to profit from the rise of China. Management science has traditionally focused exclusively on the Western economic model, but the shift in the centre of economic gravity towards Asia has thrown up questions about many of the premises of Western capitalism. This course will show students which basic assumptions are now in question, and how to adapt their business to the new world economic order.

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Women in business

This course is designed to give delegates the confidence to make the most of their leadership skills to enable them to compete with their male counterparts in business.

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Communication in the modern world

This course will help professionals to communicate better and effectively present and advocate their ideas. The course will use the simulation of a high-pressure television interview to teach the universal skills of effective communication that are applicable to all situations, from a simple phone call to a major presentation, where the objective is to convince colleagues and stakeholders to buy in to your ideas.

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Our People


Sovereign Training offers a variety of programmes as well as bespoke courses to meet specific needs of individuals and groups. Delegates will hear from leading business people and political figures as well as best selling authors and renowned journalists.

The Course Director is Professor Tony Dickson who has held several positions in the senior management of major UK universities includes posts at Glasgow Caledonian and at Northumbria University with experience of managing most areas of university operations.

As Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Northumbria, Professor Dickson led its international activity for over 10 years making it one of the leading universities in this area. This included major partnerships in a wide range of markets including China, India, Europe, Vietnam, Malaysia, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the US. In 2006 Professor Dickson was invited to establish, and become the inaugural President of, a new private international university in Singapore - RafflesUniversity.  During his time as President the number of students in the group has grown from 8,000 to over 40,000.

Delegates completing Sovereign courses will be given a Certificate of attendance signed by Professor Dickson and Sovereign Executive Chairman, Alan Donnelly.

Bespoke Courses

Most of Sovereign’s training provision takes the form of bespoke courses designed in partnership with the client and tailored to deliver a specific objective. If you are interested in a particular individual course, please let us know.

 Email Horatio Mortimer


London Office: Sovereign Strategy, 83 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0HW, UK

Contact: Horatio Mortimer or Charlotte Milligan

Tel : 0044 207 9306353
It includes all tuition costs, reference material, refreshments and lunch on training days
Sovereign has a wide network of trainers who are handpicked for individual courses.
Each delegate who attends the full course will receive a framed certificate signed by the course Director, Professor Tony Dickson and Alan Donnelly, Sovereign Executive Chairman.
Delegates are responsible for their own travel arrangements but Sovereign will offer advice on preferred hotels with best rates.
The company will be invoiced. Bank transfers, bankers draft or cheques are acceptable. Fees must be paid in advance.
No but smart casual is advised. If you are doing a communication course you may be on camera.
Delegates need to give a minimum of two weeks notice of cancellation unless they are able to send a substitute. An administration will be charged of $200 for any cancellation.
Each delegate will be asked to fill in a feedback form after completion of the course. Issues will be taken up directly and in confidence.

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